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4 Hrs- 7 Hrs


10:00 am - 4:00 PM

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Come and fish in the waters of Musandam. Fishing trips are one fad that never grew out of style. Fishing together became about more than just catching fish; it became a chance for socialising and thinking things over.

Enjoy Fishing on Speed Boat Or Traditional Omani Dhow​

Our fishing trip is a thrilling and enjoyable activity that is perfectly suitable for families, friends, colleagues and everybody trying to find a splendorous trip. So fishing is amazing to get out on the water, enjoy nature with loved ones and explore the beauty and wonders of Musandam beach.

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  • Sport fishing
  • We have speedboats to take you into the deep sea fishing places and we decorated Traditional Omani dhow if you would like to sit, relax and enjoy fishing.
  • We have all the arrangements for you including the safety gear, fishing equipment thus you don’t need to bring anything else than fishing dress for you.
  • We additionally offer refreshments like soft drinks, tea, coffee, water, etc.
  • Lunch will be served as per your request.


  • Fishing in Musandam is all about fun filled adventure and enjoyable days of fishing, swimming and sightseeing, holiday entertainment and other good times at sea.
  • Face the fishing challenge with smart price and fishing spot in Khasab Musandam.
  • We are going to take you to the place in the sandy beach and you may find everything that you just have ever dreamed about your fishing.

This is Musandam ‘Norway of Arabia’ where you get to explore turquoise waters, pristine marine life, corals, reefs, dolphins, historical islands, and the Musandam fjords. Khasab Oman has been blessed with jaw dropping sea beauty, coastline, and small sandy beaches. Book a trip to Musandam and we guarantee that you will fall in love with this place because it’s  Musandam….


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