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Can’t get enough of the day cruising experience? Book our Overnight Stay on dhow boat and experience sleeping on a dhow cruise in  Musandam Oman.

Khasab Musandam overnight dhow cruise is the best way to amuse yourself with the breath-taking beauty of the Musandam Sea in the moonlight. What a sight it would be!!! Musandam overnight tour brings you an opportunity to have fun inside the Musandam fjords with delicious foods, onboard BBQ dinner, and amazing dolphins along the way. Get ready to explore underwater reefs and corals by snorkelling and swimming with Musandam dhow cruise overnight.

Getting into Telegraph and Seebi islands is an action-packed moment itself as it can hardly be reached by land. Both of them have no direct road access and the only way you can touch down at this unknown wilderness is to cruise across the Oman waters. The segregation of these islands makes them very distinct places. They are some of the few locations that are considered the best for the overnight dhow cruise experience. 

What to Expect from Overnight Dhow Cruise?

  • You will get to find out how it is like to spend the night aboard the Dhow and welcome the dawn of a new day in one of the most stunning places in the world. 
  • On these tours, we promise to offer only a unique one night cruise around Musandam, Oman. 
  • The travel experience begins with navigating the seas and then stopping by for some fun water activities such as swimming and snorkeling. 
  • As we move on to exploring the small villages, each traveller will be served with juices, fruits, BBQ meal, tea, and coffee. We will continue gliding through the sparkling waters of Musandam and out into the popular fishing villages. 
  • The Dhow cruise will also head to the well-known tourist attractions like the Telegraph and Seebi Islands. 

We will sleep on deck and you will have comfortable sleeping arrangements.

  •  We will provide mattress, blankets, and cushions to make your sleep on dhow amazing. We make sure you feel comfortable and don’t have any issue on during Musandam dhow cruise overnight.

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  • Unlimited refreshments on the board including traditional Omani tea, coffee and plain water
  • Traditional Omani lunch that may include fried rice, fried chicken, Hummus, salad and Khubz
  • BBQ dinner that may include chicken kebab, grilled fish, fried rice, beef kebab and salad
  • Breakfast with that may include bottled juices, boiled eggs, yogurt, bread, jam, coffee and tea.
  • Fresh fruits (Apple, Banana Orange) will be served all the time during Musandam overnight dhow cruise
  • All sleeping arrangements including mattresses, blankets, cushions, bed sheets and pillows
  • Basic toilet and shower facility with fresh water, hand wash, tissue papers and towels
  • Snorkeling and swimming gears, life jackets, traditional fishing handlines and music system


  • Adventurous full day dhow cruise into Musandam fjords and sightseeing
  • Natural dolphin watching along the way to historial Telegraph Island
  • Visit to historical Telegraph and Seebi islands that are the best for swimming.
  • Two stops for snorkeling and swimming, first at Telegraph Island and then Seebi
  • View of small fisherman villages like Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Seeb and Shem
  • Fishing and live BBQ activity on the boat if it is not windy in the evening.
  • An unforgettable Musandam overnight dhow cruise stay with with dolphin watching

Join us for Musandam overnight dhow cruise and you don’t have to worry as we have a trained captain navigating the dhow. What’s more, we have a dedicated travel assistant team that will help you with your every need and request. Now what’s the wait for.


DHOW CRUISE STARTING – 10:00 AM: Musandam overnight dhow cruise is set to leave by 10:00 am sharp.

You will be served welcome drinks as soon as we leave Musandam dhow port towards the Telegraph Island. There will be traditional Omani coffee, tea, soft drinks, plain water and fresh fruits.

  • NATURAL DOLPHIN WATCHING – 10:45 AM: Dolphin watching is the most adventurous activity in Musandam overnight dhow cruise. We will reach natural dolphins area around 10:45 am. 
  • They will make your day by racing the dhow and diving. Get your cameras ready to capture the most amazing creature.

SWIMMING AT TELEGRAPH ISLAND – 11:30 AM: The dhow cruise will reach near historical Telegraph Island and will have first stop for snorkeling and swimming.

TRADITIONAL OMAN LUNCH ON BOAT – 01:00 PM: Lunch will be served on boat that may include fried chicken, fried rice, salad, Khubz (Arabic Bread), Hummus, fruits and soft drinks.

SWIMMING AT SEEBI ISLAND – 03:00 PM: As we served lunch on boat, will sail towards the Seebi Island and reach there by 03:00 PM. You will have another opportunity for snorkeling and swimming.

ANCHOR AT TELEGRAPH FOR OVERNIGHT – 05:00 PM: We will reach the Telegraph Island for overnight stay and anchor the boat for overnight stay. Our staff will try to catch the fish and will make live BBQ on boat.

LIVE BBQ DINNER ON BOAT – 07:30 PM: BBQ dinner will be served on boat around 07:30 pm that may include chicken tikka, grilled fish, chicken kebab, fried rice, Khubz (Arabic bread), hummus, salad, soft drinks, fruits and plain water. If it is not windy we will make live BBQ dinner on boat.

BREAKFAST ON BOAT – 07:00 PM: Our staff will serve you breakfast on boat that may include boiled eggs, yogurt, jams, bread, coffee, tea, bottled juices, plain water and soft drinks.

REACHING KHASAB DHOW PORT – 08:30 PM: Adventurous Musandam overnight dhow cruise will come to an end by 08:30 am and we will touch the Musandam dhow port.

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